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Rick Routson

Rick Routson

Product Development Manager and Engineer


Rick Routson is a Product Development Manager and Engineer at in2being, LLC, where he specializes in projects requiring mechanical and system design, utilizing his expertise in plastic component design as well as Design for Manufacturing and Design for Assembly techniques gained from 22 years of Automotive Cockpit System Design and Manufacturing for Ford Motor Company. Successful product launches included the F-Series, Explorer, and Edge vehicle lines.

Since Rick transitioned to the medical device field and joined in2being in 2013, he has been instrumental in bringing a disposable Class II electro-surgical device to market and leading the development effort, including design, testing, and Design History File compilation, through to a successful FDA 510(k) clearance. Rick also led the design development of a mechanical blood transfusion device currently in use in emerging market nations. In addition, Rick has led many early-stage projects focusing on proof-of-concept, technical de-risking, and IRB study-ready prototypes.