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Tune Into in2being’s FDA Webinar—MedTech Crossroads

MedTech Crossroads is a free, live, weekly webinar, held Fridays at 2 p.m. Eastern and hosted by in2being’s team of medical technology experts. Join us live, or watch at your leisure!

Who is MedTech Crossroads for?

Developing medical technology is complex—involving research, engineering, design, prototyping, manufacturing, regulatory oversight, and business development. If you’re in the industry, you’re probably an expert in one of these areas, but not necessarily in all of them.

With MedTech Crossroads, we’re building a community of medical technology professionals, coming together to connect, learn, and move med-tech projects forward.

Our community includes:

  • Med-tech startups
  • Innovators, inventors, and investors
  • Manufacturers and materials suppliers
  • Business development professionals

What does MedTech Crossroads cover?

In each show, your medical product development team at in2being curates:

  • News and updates from the FDA and the regulatory process
  • In-depth med-tech regulatory and development education
  • Interviews with med-tech community members
  • Announcements regarding relevant events

Previous topics have included:

  • FDA approval and FDA clearance
  • Medical device classification
  • Medical device development
  • Preparing a 510(k) submission
  • De-risking medical devices

Watch Previous and Upcoming Webinars

To join MedTech Crossroads live, just fill out the registration form, and we’ll email you the details. You can also watch live or view past episodes on our YouTube channel.

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