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Welcome to the Pitch Party!

On MedTech Crossroads, we were looking for a way to involve the startups who are head-down working on great new ideas, but haven’t necessarily come up for air. Enter the pitch party… not a competition, because we can’t pick winners and losers, but a fun chance for startups to gain exposure, hear constructive criticism, and get a boost on the things they’re doing well!


US based MedTech startups are eligible for consideration regardless of stage. Each startup gets 10 minutes at the end of a MedTech Crossroads show (every Friday from 2-3 p.m. EST) to pitch about their company. Near the end of the quarter, our panel of community judges will discuss that quarter’s candidates before educating us on their thought process and selecting a winner. The winner will receive a check for $2,500!

Judges’ decisions are final, and in2being will not participate in the voting. Pitch decks can be sent to to be eligible for selection for the pitch party. (Remember, though, submission does not guarantee selection.) 5-10 startups will be selected to participate each quarter, and presentations are limited to 10 minutes, PowerPoint format (over zoom). They must cover the areas of: Problem Statement, Vision, Value Proposition, Team, Milestones, Business Model, Competitors, and Ask – or functionally equivalent areas.

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