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Our approach for getting things done flows directly from our perspectives:

We understand that the drivers in your work and personal life are more than the sum of the tasks in front of you.

We seek the welfare of the community where we find ourselves.

In an encounter with in2being, you will experience a focused expansion of your team. We educate, make connections, and do the work to fill in the gaps and move things forward. That’s why understanding and risk-management are key to our approach. After all, we’re here to reduce chaos, not to increase it.

Founded in 2010, in2being’s multi-disciplinary team has worked on more than 175 projects in the medical device and life-science space. You can see a small cross section of our past projects here: Case Studies

You can meet our Management Team and see Career Opportunities.

We are housed in 3600 square feet of office and lab space in beautiful downtown Saline, Michigan. This means that in2being is conveniently located half an hour from Detroit Metropolitan Airport and similarly close to the high-tech hotbed surrounding the University of Michigan.

Our shop space contains complete electronics assembly capability, CNC machining, as well as robust 3D printing and soft casting facilities. We also have in house testing capabilities for custom testing when required.

Medical and life science devices change lives. Innovative, effective products help healthcare professionals manage the well-being of their patients. With this life-changing potential comes regulatory oversight and distinct challenges for designers, manufacturers and startups who want to produce medical devices.

That’s where we come in.

in2being helps individuals and businesses bring their medical devices to market.

We provide full-service development and consulting throughout the entire product life cycle and specialize in guiding our clients through the complex regulatory landscape in which medical devices reside.

Our experienced leadership team offers guidance targeted to your product, your goals, and your timeline. From full project management to participating in a part of your design process, in2being can bring immediate value to your project.


Our developers can help solve your design problems and ensure your product meets its requirements.

Intellectual Property

Our experienced team can assist you in the process of developing your ideas and building your intellectual property.

Regulatory Clearance

We can guide you through testing protocols, design requirements, and regulatory processes.

Project Rescue

Should a problem arise, allow us to help you get back on track.

Our Work

Our Case Studies

Let us get you there.

We're ready to lead you from concept, to prototype, to FDA clearance. Let us show you how to push your project forward with a free project analysis. Are you ready to bring your medical device to market?

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