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Should my child participate in a clinical trial? Clinical trials are a necessary part of the medical product development process, and devices or drugs suitable for adults aren’t always appropriate for children. But subjecting children to unnecessary risks before a device is cleared is also unacceptable. Come learn more about how to navigate pediatric trial expectations as both a parent and a developer.

Anesthesia for pediatric surgery FDA is supporting efforts to improve the safety of pediatric anesthesia. It’s good for kids to avoid going under general anesthesia until they’re older, but sometimes it can’t be avoided. Learn what is being done to make the process as safe as possible.

Kids, the environment, and the dangers of fentanyl patches Journey with us into the world of medical device labeling, inherent safety by design, and the difference between pediatric and adult products as we explore the dangers of fentanyl patches: safe when used as directed by adults, but deadly to kids and possibly bad for the environment.

So you want a MedTech internship… Internships can be hard to come by in a post-COVID world because people are so busy with the increased workload. Here are some tips to land that internship and maybe even have it lead to a position.

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