Our Management Team


Gene Parunak

Gene is the Managing Director of in2being, LLC. Prior to founding in2being in 2010, Gene was part of two successfully acquired med tech startups, including the wildly successful University of Michigan spinout, HandyLab, Inc. With 25 issued patents and a passion for educating stakeholders with a holistic view of the medical device development process, Gene loves to cut through complexity to get right to the heart of the challenges being faced by today's hottest med tech startups. Gene resides with his wife and eight children near Ann Arbor, MI, and has the somewhat dubious distinction of being the first person to successfully fly a powered paraglider coast-to-coast across the state of Michigan.


Aaron Kehrer

Aaron Kehrer is the Director of Product Development for in2being, LLC who was previously involved in two successful University of Michigan spinouts (HandyLab & Accuri Cytometers). In his current role he works with inventors, startups, and technology transfer departments to develop new and novel medical and life science devices. With multiple patents and successful designs in production his focus is on efficient de-risking of new technologies and staying abreast of the regulatory pathways that companies need to navigate to be successful.


Rick Routson

Rick Routson is a Product Development Manager and Engineer at in2being, where he specializes in projects requiring mechanical and system design, utilizing his expertise in plastic component design, Design for Manufacturing and Design for Assembly techniques gained from 22 years of Automotive Cockpit System Design and Manufacturing for Ford Motor Company.  Successful product launches included the F-Series, Explorer, and Edge vehicle lines.

Since Rick transitioned to the medical device field and joined in2being in 2013, he has been instrumental in bringing a disposable Class II electro-surgical device to market, leading the development effort including design, testing, Design History File compilation, through to a successful FDA 510(k) clearance.  Rick also led the design development of a mechanical blood transfusion device currently in use in emerging market nations.  In addition, Rick has led many early-stage projects focusing on proof-of-concept, technical de-risking, and IRB study-ready prototypes.


Adrienne Harris

Adrienne Harris is a Product Development Manager at in2being, LLC. Prior to joining in2being, Adrienne was co-founder of Tangent Medical Technologies, Inc. As co-inventor of the company’s lead technology, the NovaCath Peripheral IV Catheter System, she was involved in the entire product development lifecycle from unmet needs through design, manufacturing, commercialization and post-market support. The Tangent team achieved two FDA 510(k) clearances, received multiple US and OUS patents, earned ISO 13845 and CE mark for European sales, as well as numerous other country-specific clearances. Tangent was acquired in April of 2016 and the NovaCath remains on the market to this day. In her role as a product developer at in2being, Adrienne has brought her real-world experience to various client projects driving towards a range of market and regulatory goals.